Scar Treatment

Real scars are caused by severe damage to the corium dermis and collagen. When the body repairs itself, the results are scars consisting of normal marks that remain visible with a paler or darker color than normal skin as prominent scars caused by the body’s excessive tissue granulation to repair wounds.

Prominent scars are divided into hypertrophic scars, which have even more prominent tissues that do not expand outside the original wound. Keloid scars are abnormally lifted and will spread from the original wound. Basic scar treatments are performed to stop scarring when the wound heals and to keep the area around the wound moisturized by applying moisturizer cream and using silicone patches over the wound.

This may prevent or reduce the chances of scarring. If scars have been created, treatments may use injections to treat keloids or fractional (pixel) lasers may be used after injections to make the skin smoother.